Fishing Report

Temp (River):
Minimum:22C Average:27C Maximum:30C

Water Clarity:
Water clarity was muddy during the month of March due to the rain we received during the middle of the month. This caused the river to flow (the river was dry for most of the month) bringing in lots of debris, but also well needed food and water for the fish and the dam.

Water Level:


Fishing Area:
The best spots during March were at the entrance of the dam. After the rain the river brought in muddy water causing a clear line between the muddy and clean water in the river. Fishermen were very successful near this line using live bait and in the muddy water using sardines.

Average Size:
1.5 kg Tigerfish

Biggest Fish:
3.2 kg was the largest Tigerfish caught in March. It was caught on sardine just before a storm. The water clarity was average

Other Conditions:
Water level has decreased drastically over the last 2 months and many sandbanks are appearing in the river in front of Nkwazi. The very muddy water in the river did not help the tiger fishing but many barbel where caught in the river stretch as they moved up in search of food in the dirty water.

Other Species:
Three eels where caught during the month

Bait of the Month:
Sardines & Chicken Hearts/Livers

General Info:
The bait trend for March was mostly sardines as the water clarity was not clear. Live bait was second in line for the chosen bait for March.